söndag, mars 29, 2015

Quiet but not dead

It's quiet on here but the blog is  not dead. I've just had other things to fokus on. Ad when it's like that FB is much easier to update in. But I will make it up and try to wright here much more often from now on.

I have done much knitting but as the last finishing isn't done on most of it I don't have so much photos. I've also got some secret knitting that I can't show just yet.
But I got some to show you:

Pattern: Samuels Argyle mittens
Design: My own, you can find it in Stickas member paper nr 4 2014
Yarn: Drops Nepal

Pattern : Samuels Argyle Cowl
Design: My own, you can find it in Stickas member paper nr 4 2014
Yarn: Drops Nepal

A work associate wanted a cowl for here husband in Argyle pattern and in these colours. And as I didn't find any pattern I had to design my own. And as I had bought to much yarn I decided to make a pair of  mittens in the same style.
I've also knitted som mittens for my grandchildren and son-in-law when they visited Sweden. Some caps and som washcloths has also come of the needles but no photos on these.
But here is the gloves I've knitten for my daughter:

Pattern: Lady Sunshine by Julia Mueller
Yarn: Frost
Size: Small
This was a bit of a challenge to knit as it didn't say all in the pattern how to knit some parts. But I really love Julia Muellers patterns and now they are free at Ravelry.

For now I've started on a sweater for Hubby. I'm knitting it topdown. No pattern, I've just talked to him and asked what he wanted and this is it.  First there will be dark grey and just that all along down as until I put the sleeve stiches om hold, maybe some rows more. After that I will stripe it with light grey and dark grey about 5-7 rows each. In the end there will be dark grey cuffs and ribbing. Last I will  pick up stiches and knit a ribbing around the neckline in dark grey. Here's a photo, even it's not much to see yet:

onsdag, november 19, 2014

Stickameras koftkal

Now it's going, Stickameras cardigan KAL. It's about knitting a cardigan top down from your own measurements. I've knitted several top down cardigans but there are many tips and tricks I don't know.

I haven't decided what yarn yet. Need to take a deep dive in my stash. I also thought maybe I would knit a sweater for hubby instead. Haven't decided yet.

Otherwise I been asked if I could knit two pairs of mittens for a friend and promised I will. So I'm waiting for the yarn to come to start for that.

My latest finished projects otherwise is a cowl and a pair of mittens for a colleagues hubby. Can't show photos yet but there will be as soon as possible


söndag, augusti 31, 2014

Summer is over

Now Summer is over and we are working again. We've had anice and long summer and done very much even though much sailing. There also have been much knitting time so I've finsihed more things now.

Here is some of it:
Sweater for DD2:


Sweater for my grandson:

Pattern: Sånga Fågelkrans

Beanie for my granddaughter:

Pattern: My own but I asked and was allowed to use Anne Myrhes Bumble Bee chart
Yarn: Leftovers from this project and some Opal.
Sorry but this is the best photo I got right now.

Beanie for son-in-law:

Pattern: My own
I've finished more things but doesn't have any photos yet but it will come.

tisdag, juli 08, 2014

Finished stuff

Now I can show you the finished stuff I've knitted as presents for my grandchildren as my daughter have recieved the package:

Yarn: Mondial Lucente
Pattern: Ateljé Norrgården

Yarn: Different sockyarns
Needles: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm
After I took the photo I saw that one button is a bit off so I moved it but forgot to take another photo

Pattern: Nova
Yarn: Drops Fabel
Needles: 2mm and 2,5mm

Pattern: Drops nr b14-27
Yarn: Drops Baby Merino
Needles: 2,5mm

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Drops Muskat Soft
Needles: 3mm and ,5mm

söndag, juli 06, 2014

Summer 2014

It's been a while since I wrote. And thats because I can't show what I've been knitting on. They are presents but soon there will be a long update on my knitting.

But this I can show you:

Marius cardigan for DD1.
Pattern: Sandnes yarn, Tema Norske ikoner nr 3
Yarn: Sandnes Sisu
Needles: 2,5mm and 3mm

Ohterwise this summer has been very nice so far, even though the weather hasn't been so sonny until now. We have taken small tours like a tour to the swedish west coast:

Then we took a trip to Tallinn:

Now we re planning a  to take Ms Almanda out on Mälaren if the weather stays nice. Please hold your thumbs it will.

söndag, mars 30, 2014

Wonderful day

I've had a wonderful day with much yarn and nice company. We were 12 yarn-a-holics that took a tour to Ateljé Norrgården/Ostbiten. There Karin and Ulrika took good care of us and we had a wonderful day with much yarn and cheese. I bought some yarn of course. One skein of Malabrigo lace, one skein om Manos lace and the most luxury of all, one skein of cashmere lace. So soft. In all Ive had a wonderful day and here are som photos:

torsdag, februari 20, 2014

Some knitting, the Knitting fare and Vacation

Been a while again since I wrote but here comes an update.
I've been knitting the Mystery KAL rom Sticka and the shawl is finished but not blocked. I also knitted the latest Mystery shawl from Godess Knits and that one is also finished but not blocked. Need to take a blocking day. Just wonder when Iwill be up to it.

I've also finished some socks and mittens:

Yarn: Austerman Step Classic
Needles: 2 mm, 2,5 mm and 3mm

Yarn: Hjertegarn Camouflage
Needles: 2,5mm

Yarn: Austerman Step Classic (same as in the Deathflake Mittens)
Needles: 2,5 mm and 3 mm

Toe-up socks in Leftover Austerman Step Classic and Hjertegarn Camouflage
Pattern: My own with an afterthought heel
Needles: 2mm

A pair of socks in leftovers Sandnes Alpakka Strømpegarn
Pattern: My own
Needles: 3 mm

I've also knitted two Heart blankets for Babies in Etiophia
Yarn: Sandnes Cito
Needles: 7 mm
Las weekend it was the Knitting fare i Älvsjö.I went there on Saturday with some friends. Here are my purchases :

I also went to Stickas year meeting and from them I got this:

We Have a one week vacation right now so my husband and I went for an Helsinki cruise Monday to Wendsday. Lovely to take a trip. Here are some photos:

Of course I had my knitting with me. This time it was the cardigan for my oldest daughter. It.s not myh to look at right now as it just plain knitting in the round but eventually it will become like this:Marius.

Otherwise I also knitting on a Metamorphosis Shawl with yarn I bought at the Knitting fare.