söndag, mars 30, 2014

Wonderful day

I've had a wonderful day with much yarn and nice company. We were 12 yarn-a-holics that took a tour to Ateljé Norrgården/Ostbiten. There Karin and Ulrika took good care of us and we had a wonderful day with much yarn and cheese. I bought some yarn of course. One skein of Malabrigo lace, one skein om Manos lace and the most luxury of all, one skein of cashmere lace. So soft. In all Ive had a wonderful day and here are som photos:

torsdag, februari 20, 2014

Some knitting, the Knitting fare and Vacation

Been a while again since I wrote but here comes an update.
I've been knitting the Mystery KAL rom Sticka and the shawl is finished but not blocked. I also knitted the latest Mystery shawl from Godess Knits and that one is also finished but not blocked. Need to take a blocking day. Just wonder when Iwill be up to it.

I've also finished some socks and mittens:

Yarn: Austerman Step Classic
Needles: 2 mm, 2,5 mm and 3mm

Yarn: Hjertegarn Camouflage
Needles: 2,5mm

Yarn: Austerman Step Classic (same as in the Deathflake Mittens)
Needles: 2,5 mm and 3 mm

Toe-up socks in Leftover Austerman Step Classic and Hjertegarn Camouflage
Pattern: My own with an afterthought heel
Needles: 2mm

A pair of socks in leftovers Sandnes Alpakka Strømpegarn
Pattern: My own
Needles: 3 mm

I've also knitted two Heart blankets for Babies in Etiophia
Yarn: Sandnes Cito
Needles: 7 mm
Las weekend it was the Knitting fare i Älvsjö.I went there on Saturday with some friends. Here are my purchases :

I also went to Stickas year meeting and from them I got this:

We Have a one week vacation right now so my husband and I went for an Helsinki cruise Monday to Wendsday. Lovely to take a trip. Here are some photos:

Of course I had my knitting with me. This time it was the cardigan for my oldest daughter. It.s not myh to look at right now as it just plain knitting in the round but eventually it will become like this:Marius.

Otherwise I also knitting on a Metamorphosis Shawl with yarn I bought at the Knitting fare.

torsdag, december 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone

Here´s update on what I've been knitting on.
Many socks. Here are some of them:

Many of them became christmas presents

Some Mittens, baby things that also became presents:

But the thing I'm most proud of is this:

It's a Marius sweater made for my niece.

söndag, augusti 18, 2013

Summer 2013 a summary

Here comes a summary of this summer that is going on its end, at lest for me that is.
It's been a wonderful summer here in Sweden. Sunny and warm, not much rain. But the first part of it I didn't see as a I was in Hyden WA. I was there for a month and enjoyed time with my daughter and two grandhildren. Here are some photos from this month:

I came home 12 of July to this beautiful swedish summer. Here are some photos:

Our boat

Sundbyholms guest harbor

On our way to Carl Larssongården and Sundborn

 Carl Larssongården. He was a painter born 1853 and 1919. I love his paintings but what is easy to forget is that his wife Karin also was an artist. That yoy can see in there house. She was a very talented textile artist only acknowledged now a days.

On our way home we drove thru Nora where Maria Lang  put many of here book intrigues. Her hero was supposed to been born i Skoga aka Nora.

One day we  took a tour to Ateljé Norrgården och Ostbiten

Of course knitting to. This is a sweater for my grand child

Lovely evenings on the terass

A tour to Helsinki

A tour to Fagertärn to see the red waterlilies